Clayton Historic Preservation
Clayton, New Jersey 08312

Clayton's Borough Hall Tree was decorated by the Clayton Historic Preservation, Inc. on Monday, November 26, 2018. The tree looks beautiful with Clevenger glass wreath ornaments, big paper snowflakes and painted pine cones. Clayton Borough Administrator Sue Miller admires along with CHP member June Salvatore and CHP Chairman Joe Salvatore. 

FALL 2018

The Clayton Historic Society entered the Borough of Clayton's 5th Annual Scarecrow Contest with an Alternative Universe Scarecrow, titled "Crow Scare". 
SUMMER 2018 
Clayton Historic Preservation's Chairman, Joe Salvatore, at the June 3rd, 2018 Water Fest at Scotland Run Park.
Clayton Historic Preservation's display at June, 2017 Water Fest at Scotland Run Park.

FALL 2016

Borough of Clayton's 3rd Annual Scarecrow Contest, 2016

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for the Clayton Historic Preservation's Scarecrow.  We won "MOST INTERESTING" category.